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Artwork / image / photo submission tips

     Q. What is pixel and how can I check the pixel adequacy of my artwork / image (photo)?

A. Pixel, or sometimes known as resolution, is the basic unit of measurement for digital images. A high-resolution image will result in a better print quality than a low-resolution image. In a nutshell, printing with low-resolution will result in a blurred print quality, while a high-resolution will result in clearer and sharper print quality.

To check pixel / resolution size of your artwork / image (photo):

  • Windows: right click on your file, select "Properties" and look under "Details"
  • Mac: right click on your file and select "Get Info"
  • Photoshop: choose "Image" and then "Image Size"

The adequate image resolution will vary and will depend on the intended print size. Our online builder will display a message when you have selected an image that is below print requirements.

     Q. What file format shall I use?

A. Our online builder accepts files in .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .png, and .gif.

     Q. Your packaging box designer doesn't accept my file. Can you help me do file format conversions?

A. Yes, please check out our services for file conversions/setup/modifications here.

     Q. Can I use Black and White or Sepia images (photos)?

A. Yes, our online builder and printing capabilities support back and white and sepia images, as well as artwork designed on Paint or other graphic-design software.

     Q. How can I submit my artwork / image (photo)?

A. You can upload your images straight from your computer via the upload feature located in the product page. If you do not have a digital image and need to have an image scanned, then please see below for scanning tips.

     Q. Can I use scanned images? And are there any tips for using scanned images?

A. Yes you can use scanned images and for optimal quality please ensure the following:

  • Wipe your scanner bed to remove dust and particles
  • Scan original copy for optimal clarity (and not a copy version)
  • Glossy photos have a better scan quality than matt
  • Set the scan at 300 dpi

     Q. Are there images (photos) that do not reproduce well?

A. The following is a list of images (photos) that DO NOT generally reproduce well:

  • Out-of-focus or blurred
  • Severe exposure issues (too dark or too light)
  • Have been altered or cropped
  • Scanned under 300 dpi
  • Shared/stored images from public websites
  • Images sent back and forth via email
  • Cell-phone images (unless the camera is 5 mega pixels or above)

     Q. How to prepare images for print bleeding and what is the safe area for ensuring my design is not cut off?


Safe Area

The Safe Area is highlighted with a red dotted line and is 36 pixels each side based on a 300DPI image. Keep text and other important parts of your design, image, or photo inside the Safe Area! During the production of your product, some of the content outside the safe area may be cut off. Everything inside the safe area will be preserved. Note that the red dotted line will not be printed but for your reference only.

custom box bleeding area

Print bleeding

To accommodate for print bleeding (red border area on image), there is an additional 72 pixels removed from each dimension (36 pixels each side based on a 300DPI image), therefore you will see 36 pixels cut off each side of your images that you upload. If your image upload is 900DPI, then the bleeding area for each side would multiply to 108px (3x36px). This is industry practice to allow printing to the edge without seeing inconsistent white gaps.

Simple answer
Basically, please keep everything you want printed inside of the box outline. There is a small chance that anything in the gap between the bleeding area and box outline to be cut off during production.

     Q. Can I store my artwork / image (photo) on your website?

A. Yes you can easily store your artwork and images on our website inside your photo library. After uploading, please click on save to photo library button button located at the top (and bottom) of the page to save them into your photo library, a space we have created for your convenience.

     Q. What if I can't complete my designs in one sitting?

You can save your project and return to it later by clicking on the "save" button save project button located at the top (and bottom) of the page.

     Q. Why is there a grey and white border on the upload image (photos) page?

A. For clarity during the design process, the grey border is there to show you the packaging box edge / rim. The white border is the bleed area, the point where it will be cut off during production. Both borders will not appear on the finished products. Also, we advise you to put all important text and artwork within the red dotted line, known as the SAFE AREA (for more information please refer to next question).

     Q. Why can't I resize my uploaded image (photos)?

A. If our online builder will not allow you to increase image size, it means that your uploaded image is at its maximum optimal size (going above will affect print quality).

If our system won't let you reduce image size, it means your image is already at its minimum optimal size (going below will produce empty spaces).

However, if your image is resizable, you can resize it from the image edit screen by moving the slider left or right.

resize image

     Q. Is there a quick way to move my Facebook images (photos) to your online builder?

A. Yes you can conveniently do this by clicking on the Sign-in to Facebook button facebook button on the right hand side of the online builder. Once you have signed-in to your Facebook account, you will have access to photos.

     Q. How do I create my custom box design and what format should the images be in?

     Q. Can I get the ICC profile of your press?

A. You can download our ICC profile for HP Indigo Press here: Download ICC profile


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