Custom Tuck Boxes

Custom Tuck Box 1.25

Custom Tuck Box 1.25" x 1.75" x 0.75"

Custom Packaging Boxes
Traditional and simple custom tuck boxes ideal for packaging playing cards or card games

The tuck box is a classic but popular form of box packaging for card games and playing cards. However, tuckboxes can hold more than just cards, tuck boxes are also ideal for holding small products, such as confectionary, gifts or cosmetics and beauty products. It is a simple yet convenient way to protect your cards from creasing and other products from external damages.

Custom Packaging Boxes

Tuck boxes are made by folding thick paper stock or card stock into a box shape with a flap to help you insert and take out the contents with ease and convenience. As the tuck box is simple, your designs can really shine and your logo will really pop. Customizing your tuck boxes with your company brand can help to make your products more appealing to your customer base when stacked on shelves.

Custom Packaging Boxes

Our custom boxes are made within the industry standard, crafted with 16pt paper stock coated one side (C1s) with 300gsm C1S art board, making sure the custom tuck boxes are lightweight yet strong. Your designs once uploaded onto our online box builder, will be printed in full color allowing your artwork to be really shown off, representing your brand. Finally, choose from two finishes, UV coated which provides a gloss exterior or Aqueous which makes your box matte, to add an extra element to finish off your box. Plus, to further enrich your tuck box design you can consider more printing elements such as embossing and foil stamping.

Custom requirements needed?

Do you have a specific box shape, material or size of box of packaging that you need or a type of printing such as embossing, hot foil stamping that you can’t find it on, don’t worry. We will most likely be able to do it for you if you need it in bulk. Contact us with your full specifications including the quantity for a personal quote.

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2"x3.5" (51x89mm)
2.32"x3.58" (59×91mm)
2.5"x2.5" (63.5×63.5mm)

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