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Custom Packaging Boxes
Customize outstanding and memorable gift boxes to suit your promotional needs

Here at, we have a wide selection of customizable gift boxes for special occasions whether it’s for personal use or for corporate businesses. Gifts are a lovely gesture to show appreciation and thank your loved ones or loyal customers and clients of your business, but it is not always what is on the inside that counts. The packaging of gifts is important too as this is what your customers and clients will first see and is what represents your brand.

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Custom Packaging Boxes
Create a custom gift box that represents you or your company’s branding

Gifts come in different shapes and sizes, which is why at, we have custom gift boxes in a range of sizes and shapes too so your gifts can fit perfectly inside the box that you custom order. As well as this, standard looking gift boxes do not make your company stand out from the crowd, which is why you can complete the look of your gift box by having your design and company branding printed onto the gift box itself.

Custom Packaging Boxes

Furthermore, the ability to add your company’s logo to the gift box will really be a big advantage for your business, so your custom gift box really does shine and stand out. By presenting a branded gift box with your company’s logo proudly printed on top, your customers can see that you have cared about all the small details attracting and making your customers loyal to your brand.

Custom Packaging Boxes

We have an online packaging box builder which makes it easier for our customers to upload, customize and design their gift boxes in a matter of minutes. Our selection of custom gift boxes are adaptable and compatible for many different uses and occasions. For example, our sleeve box and drawer provides a luxurious and premium gift box and creates a surprise element when your clients are unboxing their gift. Or, if you would like to display the gift early on to your clients without them having to unbox the gift, our display packaging boxes and window boxes are fit for the occasion.

Custom Packaging Boxes
Our custom gift boxes are nothing short of the highest quality and stability

Through our years of research and expert knowledge, we source and use only the best quality materials for our boxes and paper packaging. Our boxes are made from top quality card stock, ensuring your custom gift boxes are sturdy and long lasting enough to hold your gifts inside. We offer UV coating (gloss) or Aqueous (matte) finishes for different premium feels to display your designs and represent your company brand better. Furthermore, we offer full color printing, so your designs, whether they are simple or intricate, are printed and presented beautifully on the gift boxes ready to send to your clients.

Custom Packaging Boxes
Here at, we offer nothing but top quality and years of experience

Here at, we have over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the printing and paper products manufacturing industry. We are renowned in our paper box products and packaging and are well known for high quality products having produced and manufactured many paper products for a number of luxury brands.

Custom Packaging Boxes

We have teams of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees in our research and development, production and customer service departments to ensure we provide and offer the best quality products and services to our clients as customer satisfaction is our top priority. The process of producing custom boxes from start to finish can be a timely process, so we want to take out the stress and created a user-friendly and quick online box builder so you can customize and design your own custom boxes and custom packaging box in a quick and effective way. If you run into any problems or have some questions, our helpful team is at hand to help with any queries.

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Custom requirements needed?

Do you have a specific box shape, material or size of box of packaging that you need or a type of printing such as embossing, hot foil stamping that you can’t find it on, don’t worry. We will most likely be able to do it for you if you need it in bulk. Contact us with your full specifications including the quantity for a personal quote.

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