Plain White Small Round Shaped Tin Box

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  • Shape: Circular
  • Material:Made from high-quality thick tin plate with white on outside, silver inside
  • Contains: Body and lid
  • Box size:
    • Outside dimension: 3-12/16" diameter x 1-6/16" (95mm diameter x 35mm)
    • Internal dimension: 3-8/16" diameter x 1-2/16" (89mm diameter x 28.5mm)

Bulk order Plain White Small Round Shaped Tin Box or order as little as one box as we have no minimum. The plain tin box comes in a popular round shape and measures 3-8/16" diameter x 1-2/16" on the inside offering space for a small retail or wholesale product or gift products or it can even function as a wedding gift box. The plain tin box comes in a blank, white color on the outside and silver on the inside with two parts, a lid that securely sits on top of the base where the products sits.

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